A Posy for AAQI and A Huge Announcement

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)  is about to reach one million dollars raised to fund research projects! More than 13,000 quilts have been donated to AAQI with over $883,000 raised for Alzheimer's research so far.

At one point, the Board of Directors realized that a goal was needed so that we could make a commitment to reach it and then to reassess the future of the AAQI. There has been a great deal of thought about the future of the AAQI and about the personal passions and goals guiding each of us.

So, with all of that in mind, we have reached the consensus that the AAQI fund raising efforts will close at the end of 2013. We will continue to donate quilts through June of this year, to sell them and to raise additional funding for AAQI with the goal of hitting that million dollar mark with one big, gigantic, and fabulous hurrah for everything that Ami has done, her fabulous core group of volunteers have done, and most of all.....every single thing that every single one of US has done to bring this group to this awesome finish line!

And to celebrate our achievement! Another little quilt found its way into the registration mail, and off to  the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)  as my  QAM (Quilt A Month Club) entry.

(my own 'home' photo..its still at the AAQI site waiting for its official photograph ;)

Width: 9" Length: 9"

Materials/Techniques: Liberated free-piecing curves frame my little attic window posy with needle turn appliqué, hand and machine quilting.

Artist Statement: I grew up on a small island in Alaska. We had an attic in my grandmother's house that I used to love to play in. It was my hideout, my fort and my own secret garden of creativity. Oh, how I used to wish that it had a window and that there might be flowers growing outside as well as within that tiny little attic, my world of endless imagination and secret treasures.

Dedication: For Caroll of the Attic Window Quilt Shop, and all of the other dedicated quilters everywhere, who work with generosity, creativity, and joy. May we work together to stamp out Alzheimer’s disease and replace it with the love, generosity, and the creativity of the quilting arts.

I will continue to submit my AAQI Priority Quilts for the Quilt A Month Club until the last and final month of my own personal 30 month commitment of donating at least one quilt a month since the Club began!

Revving my motor, pedal to the medal...I have more quilts to make, more to finish, more to register, and more money to earn for this wonderful, wonderful cause!!!

The last month to participate in the Quilt-A-Month Club is July 2013. Read more here.

The last day to register Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts is August 1, 2013. Read more here.

I have three quilts still available for sale. Don't let them get away! Buy one today!!!

9400 - A Dream Within A Dream
for sale  $75.00


11,372 - At Peace In My Garden
for sale $50.00

12,614 - Imperfectly Perfect in Every Way!  for sale $85.00


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